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Multicultural Communications

Multicultural Communications

Ad about China’s ‘Leftover Women’ from SK-II tries to #ChangeDestiny

By On April 26, 2016

An emotional advertisement about “leftover women” in China recently went viral, uncovering not only the society’s deep-rooted discrimination against single women, but also the Chinese government’s inaction regarding gender inequity issues.… Read More

Multicultural Communications

Multicultural Series: Part Four – Communicating about Health with People from Different Cultures: Be Mindful!

By On March 17, 2015

The United States is home to people from many different countries. It is a rich and varied home composed of various cultural, linguistic, and political backgrounds. From a health communicator’s point of… Read More

Body Shaming

Multicultural Series: Part Three – Fat Shaming in Indian Culture

By On December 12, 2014

Indian families are known to discuss weight commonly upon greeting. It’s one of the first things they discuss upon arrival: weight, education, and/or money. For the purposes of this post, let’s focus… Read More

Female Period
Multicultural Communications

Multicultural Series: Part Two – You’re Sick and the Whole World Knows It

By On November 18, 2014

The day I got my first period was notably one of the most humiliating days of my life (at the time, of course). I was watching cartoons with my little sister during… Read More

Hispanic Patients
Multicultural Communications

Multicultural Series: Part One – Treating ‘Nervios’ in Hispanic Patients

By On November 6, 2014

There are 53 million Hispanics or Latinos in the United States and all are distinct culturally based on their country of origin. Hispanic people are the largest minority in the United States;… Read More