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The Shadow Box

By On July 12, 2016

My husband’s sister, Mary Ann, died in 1956 from encephalitis after having had the measles. … Read More


Disneyland Measles Outbreak Results in Vaccine Bill in California

By On July 10, 2015

During the first week of January 2015, California went on high alert when seven cases of measles in California and two in Utah were traced back to a common factor: a visit… Read More

HealthComU Vaccines Measles Child

Vaccinations and Herd Immunity

By On February 15, 2015

We are once again finding ourselves in the middle of a measles outbreak in the United States. And once again, vaccinations are the topic of a national debate.… Read More

Baby Receiving Vaccination

The Vaccine Debate: Which Side Are You On?

By On February 26, 2014

A recent study in the journal Pediatrics confirmed that there are significantly more risks associated with not vaccinating children than there are with vaccinating them. The study examined rates of pertussis (whooping… Read More