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Autoimmune Disease

What is the Devastating Chronic, Autoimmune Disease Lupus?

By On February 25, 2016

Lupus is a chronic, autoimmune disease that can damage any part of the body. It is one of the cruelest, most mysterious diseases—both unpredictable and misunderstood. … Read More

Health Communication

Making Connections: The Heart of Health Communication

By On September 18, 2015

For many people that initial conversation with a health care professional about a new diagnosis sounds like the buzz of white noise. … Read More

Palliative Care
Palliative Care

Hospice and Palliative care—Similar but Not the Same

By On August 6, 2014

I heard a story on NPR yesterday that made me think a lot about my mom, and the care she received before her death. The news piece was about an experimental change… Read More