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Health Communication

As Health Care Costs Increase, Cost-of-Care Discussions Can be Make or Break for Patients

By On March 19, 2019

Health care spending has reached astronomical figures, exceeding $3 trillion a year and straining the budgets of patients, according to CMS. Over the past decade, the percentage of patients who spend $1,000… Read More

Health Communication

How Asking Patients the Right Questions Can Make a Difference

By On January 29, 2016

It’s not surprising that at the heart of lack luster patient experiences is poor communication. Of course, clinical outcomes are important and must be considered above how a patient is greeted, but… Read More

Health Communication

Making Connections: The Heart of Health Communication

By On September 18, 2015

For many people that initial conversation with a health care professional about a new diagnosis sounds like the buzz of white noise. … Read More

Doctor Patient Communication

I’ve Got the Power! How To Be An Empowered Patient in Doctor’s Appointments

By On July 7, 2015

If you aren't currently dealing with a chronic illness (or a crummy doctor), it's important to develop patient-empowerment skills before an issue arises. This information is also applicable if you are a… Read More

Pharma Marketing
Pharma Marketing

Can You Market Awareness? Some Pharma Companies Seem to Think So

By On December 16, 2014

As the days go by, I have found that I’m thinking more and more about what I’m watching in between news segments more than the actual news. I’m talking about the commercials.… Read More

Health Literacy
Health Literacy Month

Health Literacy Month Sheds Light on Continued Need for Improvement

By On October 27, 2014

October is Health Literacy Month. I’ve written about this subject a great deal, and when it rolled around this month, I wondered if I had anything new to say on the topic.… Read More

Doctor Patient Communication
Doctor Patient Communication

The Four Building Blocks of Good Doctor/Patient Communication

By On March 31, 2014

Doctors are often required to do it all—be the medical expert, the emotional and physical healer, and the empathetic counselor. It’s really no surprise that physicians must wear so many hats. The… Read More