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The FDA Offers a New Recommendation for Sugar Consumption

By On November 18, 2015

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently recommended a cap on the amount of added sugar you should consume each day. This equates to no more than 12.5 teaspoons or 50 grams… Read More


Excessive Sodium in Your Diet can Increase Your Risk for Heart Attack and Stroke

By On April 2, 2015

The foods you choose to eat every day have an impact on your health, and some will have a more positive impact than others. Although too much sodium in your diet isn’t… Read More

Dietary Supplements
Dietary Supplements

Regulation of Dietary Supplements: Is the FDA Doing Enough?

By On October 29, 2014

Most people will take an over-the-counter dietary supplement at some time. These supplements range from multi-vitamins to help supplement a subpar diet to ginkgo biloba to help boost memory. Many people take… Read More

Nutrition Labels
Nutrition Facts Label

FDA Proposing Major Changes to the Nutrition Facts Label: Here’s What You Should Know

By On March 26, 2014

One of the first steps to eating healthier is knowing what is in the food you’re eating. The first place you look for this information is the nutrition label on the packaging.… Read More