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Health & Wellness

Are you Working Your Eyes to Death?

By On May 5, 2016

The average American worker sits in front of a screen for approximately 10 hours a day, which represents a 50 percent increase in the time spent on devices just within the past… Read More

Anti-Texting and Driving

Distracted Drivers Are Health Communicators Toughest Audience, Yet

By On May 2, 2016

Last year, there were more than 45,000 distracted driving crashes in Florida, resulting in more than 200 deaths and more than 39,000 injuries.… Read More


New Facebook Features Helpful for Health Communicators

By On April 15, 2016

This week during F8, Facebook’s annual global developer conference held in San Francisco, Chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled a slew of new products and features in front of hundreds of delighted… Read More


2 + 5 = 1?

By On February 12, 2016

We’re excited to celebrate our second birthday mostly because despite the odds, we’ve made it this far.… Read More


Grief in the Digital Landscape

By On February 9, 2016

It is estimated that by the year 2065, the dead on Facebook will outnumber the living.… Read More


New Dietary Guidelines for Americans: A Recap

By On February 2, 2016

Every five years, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans is updated to reflect new findings in nutrition science. The dietary guidelines are the go-to source for nutrition advice for public health professionals and… Read More

Health Care Marketing

Concierge Services Cater to the Discerning Health Care Consumer

By On January 21, 2016

Las Vegas is king for offering concierge services at virtually every restaurant, store, casino and hotel, so why not accept the convenience offered at a medical facility? … Read More


Magnesium: An Essential Mineral for Proper Body Function

By On January 4, 2016

Eating a balanced diet filled with various vitamins and minerals is important for our bodies to stay healthy. But there is a mineral that is important to almost every organ in the… Read More

Health Insurance

High Deductible Insurance Plans Must Improve Before Widespread Use

By On December 14, 2015

For millions of Americans with private sector employment, the end of the year brings about an annual ritual. It is something that has the potential to affect our lives deeply throughout the… Read More

Health Communication

Strategic Planning for Health Communicators

By On November 23, 2015

Only the health care communicators with the best plan possible will get the attention of their leadership team and ultimately the dollars you need to carry out the great work that you… Read More