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Health Care Marketing

Concierge Services Cater to the Discerning Health Care Consumer

By On January 21, 2016

Las Vegas is king for offering concierge services at virtually every restaurant, store, casino and hotel, so why not accept the convenience offered at a medical facility? … Read More

Gun Safety

Active Shooter Planning Can Put Staff at Ease

By On December 18, 2015

In a 2011 health and safety survey of more than 4,600 nurses, ANA found 11 percent of respondents had been physically assaulted in the previous 12 months, while just more than 50… Read More

Health Technology
Health Care Marketing

Marketing Health Care or Health Care Marketing: Is There a Difference?

By On October 1, 2014

Marketing in health care is a relatively young discipline, with the concept taking hold approximately three decades ago in the 1970s. It’s easy to see why some might be uneasy about marketing… Read More

Health Communication
Patient-Provider Communication

Using Your Words: Giving Clients Tools to Navigate Tough Patient Encounters

By On May 30, 2014

I recently visited my doctor to ask for a refill on a medication I’ve taken since 1999. Simple. Right? After six more days, five more calls, and a second visit, it ended… Read More

Caring for Elderly
Patient Advocacy

Who is to Blame When Patients Don’t Understand?

By On March 10, 2014

Although she tried fervently to understand what the doctor was telling her, Jane Doe was quickly overwhelmed by the information presented to her. She understood the word cancer. Chemotherapy, radiation, survival rate.… Read More