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2 + 5 = 1?

By On February 12, 2016

We’re excited to celebrate our second birthday mostly because despite the odds, we’ve made it this far.… Read More

Health Care Marketing

How to Use Periscope in Health Care Marketing

By On January 7, 2016

Twitter's free livestreaming broadcast-video app, Periscope, is beginning to show its potential as a way for hospitals to engage with patients and amplify a health system's brand.… Read More

Health Communication

How the Right Words at the Right Time Can Make All the Difference

By On August 18, 2015

A researcher at Massey University in New Zealand is seeking to study social interactions that may help or make things more difficult for adolescents and young adults who are dealing with cancer.… Read More

Social Media

Use the Healthcare Hashtag Project in Your Next Communications Plan

By On August 3, 2015

According to Symplur’s website, “the goal of the Healthcare Hashtag Project is to make the use of Twitter more accessible for providers and the health care community as a whole.”… Read More

Social Media

Tips for Successful Live-Tweeting

By On July 2, 2015

Live-tweeting is a staple now at press conferences, lectures or any event that presents information. In a world where everyone is a citizen journalist, this online “note taking” occurs at a rapid… Read More

HealthComU Twitter Chat

HealthComU Twitterview with Dr. Russ Morfitt of Learn to Live

By On May 13, 2015

On Friday, May 22, 2015, HealthComU will observe Mental Health Awareness Month by hosting an interview with Dr. Russ Morfitt of Learn to Live on Twitter at 1:30 p.m. (EDT). … Read More

HealthComU DearMe Campaign
International Women's Day

#DearMe Campaign Shines on International Women’s Day

By On March 10, 2015

This past Sunday was International Women’s Day, and in celebrating that all women are uniquely fabulous, YouTube launched a project aimed at encouraging teenage girls to “recognize their strengths, embrace their passions… Read More

HealthComU Always Like a Girl
Social Media

#LikeAGirl Campaign Strikes Chord of Equality and Empowerment

By On February 10, 2015

When the Always Like a Girl campaign aired, social media exploded, with shares of the commercial flooding Facebook and #LikeAGirl trending on Twitter… Read More

HealthComU Social Media Effects
Social Media

Does Social Media Affect You Positively or Negatively?

By On February 4, 2015

With a simple tweet or a Facebook post, a bully can humiliate someone in front of thousands of people. … Read More

Social Media

Hashtags That Harm

By On December 10, 2014

Being a digital media specialist, I often get asked sarcastically if my job pays me to sit on Facebook all day. Well, much to their dismay, it sort of is.… Read More